Get your prepaid SIM in the Faroe Islands – Vodafone SIM cards for mobile/cell phones

Vodafone Faroe Islands offers prepaid SIM cards that are suitable for those travelling in the Faroe Islands, or planning on staying in the Faroe Islands for a short period of time. With a prepaid SIM card you can top-up anytime and stay connected during your trip, which is perfect for those who travel with their own mobile/cell phone or smartphone. This way you are able to make local calls or get online with your phone without having to pay roaming charges.

Need to top up?

It's easy to top-up your prepaid phone, your data credit or 3G/4G internet account online. Click here to top-up

You can also top-up by purchasing top-up scratch-cards widely available throughout the country or by calling our calling center at 202020 (no charge for our customers).

Get online on your mobile phone

The Prepaid starter kit (see below) includes 5 GB of Data. If you need more, you can easily top up online. This is your best solution, also if you want to use your phone to connect other devices, such as laptops or tablet computers.

Online top up

Prepaid starter kit

With your initial SIM card purchase you will be given DKK 229,- credit and 5 GB. You will also be given a local Faroese phone number, international roaming capabilities, be able to receive incoming calls for free, and also use your existing phone (if unlocked).

The Prepaid starter kit is widely available around the Faroe Islands.

  • DKK 250,- initial credit (approx. EUR €34) plus 5 GB of Data
  • Pay the local rate for all domestic calls
  • Local Faroese cell phone number
  • Free incoming calls
  • Voicemail and SMS
  • Easy online top up
  • International roaming capability
  • No yearly contract, monthly charges or credit check
  • Use your existing phone (if unlocked) or get a mobile phone at the next Vodafone store

Prepaid prices

Starting fee for phone call DKK 1,60
Local calls per minute DKK 1,60/min.
Text messages DKK 0,50/SMS
Data DKK 0,15/MB