We all need to stay connected on our travels. Hey in the Faroe Islands has the right solutions for you while travelling over here. We've got everything from prepaid phone cards to prepaid wireless Internet solutions for tablets or laptops, and topping-up is easy.

We also offer 4G roaming in the Faroe Islands for selected carriers throughout the world and will be adding more carriers regularly - check your local carrier to see whether 4G roaming in the Faroe Islands is available for you!

Top up your Prepaid mobile or 3G/4G internet account

It's easy to top-up your prepaid phone, your data credit or 3G/4G internet account online.

Prepaid phone number

With a Faroese prepaid mobile card you can make local calls at the very best rates. Check out our Starter packs, available in numerous locations throughout the country.


Get online with Hey

If you plan to do some serious surfing in the Faroe Islands, make sure you check out our 4G and 3G mobile internet options for wireless data transfer.


Where to buy?

For general information on locations of Hey, resellers and more, read on!


Mobile settings

Usually, settings are installed automatically. But if you need them, here are the manual settings.